Lokbatan Residence

Lokbatan Residence

Start date: 01.04.2016

Completion date: 01.10.2017

The demolition of residential buildings and 9-storey 12-storey new residential complexes.
 The total area for the building is 52 848 m2.

- 3 rooms rooms 198 x 63.80m2

- 3 room apartments 132 x 60.00m2

- 2-room apartments 132 x 52,40m2

- 1 room apartment with 99 units x 30,00m2

    Market 3 492,00 m2
    Basement 4 062,00 m2
    Non-residential area - 14 855 m2


Overall project:

    48 families were relocated from 3 residential buildings in emergency condition;
    3 houses were damaged;
    Demolition debris was transported 15km from the site;
    Installed temporary installations in construction;
    The area of ​​the construction site is temporarily damaged;
    The drainage system has been assembled and the pumps installed;
    Stones have been given to certain places for machine-mechanic movement;

Baku city, Garadagh district, Lokbatan settlement, Seymur Orujov street